What Happens if You Miss Your Cannabis Delivery

July 31, 2022

Firebird Delivery service has launched in Ontario, and will soon expand to Alberta, Manitoba and other provinces. Our service brings recreational cannabis to customers’ doorstep including same-day delivery and a new rush delivery which arrives within one hour of purchasing!

At Firebird, our priority is getting affordable cannabis to customers who need it, when they need it. But we also understand that deliveries can be interrupted. Emergencies call people away from home, naps creep in, sometimes we’re so busy we just forget – and that’s okay! We can accommodate that.

Below we’ll explore what you can do to prepare for your delivery, as well as what to do in case of a missed cannabis delivery, plus tips to ensure a smooth purchasing process each time.

Help, I Missed My Delivery!

Don’t panic, you have another chance! If you don’t come to the door for your appointed cannabis delivery, we will attempt to contact you to arrange a better time. No fees, no penalties. 

Woman holding a cellphone walking down the street
Firebird Delivery will reach out and arrange another drop off if you missed your delivery.
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If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, then the order will be canceled and a refund will be issued to the original payment method. Unfortunately, the original shipping fee cannot be refunded, but there are no additional penalties for simply missing a delivery.

Help Ensure You Do Not Miss Your Delivery

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your delivery finds you. Perhaps most importantly, when ordering online always include your mobile phone number, not a landline. We will send text messages updating you on the status of your delivery, and in the event you are pulled away from home, your mobile number allows us to reach you wherever you are to schedule a more convenient time. 

Be Prepared for Your Cannabis Delivery

Remember, all deliveries must abide by government-regulated delivery requirements. This includes having a valid photo ID ready to present to the delivery person as well as the payment card used for the purchase. If you cannot present both of these items, the delivery cannot be completed and you will have to arrange another time.

Woman waving in blue sweater at the door of her house
Please meet your delivery driver at the door.
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Note also that delivery drivers will not enter homes, including apartment buildings. So if you live in an apartment, the driver will call you when they have arrived so you can meet them outside or in the lobby of your building.

There is a minimum purchase on all delivery orders that varies by location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if My Tracking Link is Not Working?

The tracking link should open the page in a new tab in your browser. If it does not, then the page can be manually accessed at Your tracking number may then be entered in the field at the top of the page.

How Long Does Rush Delivery Take?

Rush delivery typically arrives in about an hour. 

When is the Cut Off Time for Free Same-Day Delivery?

6:00 pm. Same-day delivery orders placed after 6:00 pm will ship early the following day.