Top Ways to Consume Loose Cannabis Flower

July 12, 2022

Since time immemorial, people have been finding new and wacky things to smoke weed out of. Some are great in a pinch or exciting to try out — but the best and most popular ways to consume flower are tried, tested and true. 

All these methods will require you to first grind up your weed. Cheap grinders are available at most head shops, many corner stores or, you can simply have one delivered.

The Wraps

Weed, paper, and fire. Simple, functional, and portable.


A timeless classic for a reason. Joints are ground-up flower wrapped in thin rolling paper, often with a filter at one end. Twist the other end, light it, and inhale. That’s it. 

Rolling joints can take some practice, though. Make sure to do it on a clean surface so you can clean up any spillage (like a rolling tray). Or try a pre-rolled cone to make everyone think you’re a wizard.


A blunt is like a joint, but it uses a wrap instead of paper. Sometimes, those wraps are made of tobacco or hollowed-out cigars. Nowadays, you can get tobacco-free wraps specifically made for blunts. 

If it’s good enough for Snoop, it’s good enough for me.  


A hand holding a rolled spliff that is producing smoke in front of green background
Spliffs contain a mix of tobacco and cannabis inside the paper. Photo credit: Shutterstock

A spliff is a joint with tobacco mixed in. It can result in a smoother smoke and a buzzier high, but obviously comes with the drawbacks of tobacco smoke.

The Pipes

These bad boys come in every shape, size, and price point and are perfect for consuming flower. 

Spoon Pipe

Pipes can come in all shapes and sizes, and many different materials. One of the most popular is the small, glass spoon pipe. Its one-piece construction is easy to use, maintain, and store. 

Weed goes in the bowl. You light it and inhale while covering the “choke” or “carb” — the little hole on the side of the bowl. When you’re almost finished with your hit, let the choke go and inhale a little more to clear the remaining smoke.


A bong, or water pipe, is composed of a long tube with a water chamber on the bottom. A removable bowl goes into a hole near the bottom and connects to a point below the water line. 

Weed goes in the bowl. When you light it and inhale at the top of the tube, the smoke filters through the water, cooling it down and allowing for a smooth smoke inhalation after you pull the bowl out.

Bongs also come in miniature versions, often called “bubblers.”


A one-hitter, dugout, taster, or chillum is a tiny little pipe with just enough space to pack one hit worth of weed. Often they’re made to look like cigarettes to be less conspicuous.

The Vapes

Is smoking not your thing? Vape technology has come a long way in the 21st century.

Standing Vape

These devices are created for long and controlled sessions. Standing vapes are big machines that heat weed to just below its combustion point, producing vapour instead of smoke. 

That vapour either goes into a bag, which can be removed and inhaled, or into a hose that can be passed around, hookah-style.

Portable Vape

For the discreet stoner on the go, there are many choices for vape pens, like a Pax. Simply load the chamber with ground flower, make sure it’s charged, and hit the on button. 

The resulting vapour is easier on your lungs than smoke, and usually results in a gentler high that creeps up on you instead of hitting you in the face. 

Magic Flight Launch Box

The MFLB has been a friend of the vaping community for many years. 

Before small-scale vapes were common, it was prized for its affordability and discreet nature. Now, it’s a bit of an oddity — but still comparatively cheap and reliable — and it’ll give you huge cred at your next sesh.

The Others

There are a ton of interesting ways to smoke weed. Here are some techniques for when you’re looking for a way to smoke weed without a pipe — or when you just want to try something new.

Gravity Bong

These (often homemade) “bongs” use water pressure to draw out smoke quickly and, if you want, force it into your lungs. It’s just as intense as it sounds. Most people use 2 litre soda bottles, with a hole for a bowl, and a bucket of water.

Red 2 Litre bottle that is submerged in water inside a red bucket with black handle
Don’t under estimate the materials, gravity bongs pack a punch. Photo credit: Shutterstock

See how to make a miniature one for yourself here

For bonus points, apply these principles to a water gun.


Another classic of the cheap or desperate stoner. Simply bore two holes in an apple — one near the top, and another in the side, so the tunnels connect to each other. 

Put weed in the top hole. Light it, and inhale through the bottom one. Voila! 


The same technique as the apple pipe can be applied to Starburst candies. Just stick a bunch together in a column and bore two holes that connect to each other. 

You can even add a smaller stack perpendicular to the main stack, at one end, to simulate a real “pipe” look.

Leaf Blower

Don’t try this at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Smoke Weed?

That’s up to you! If you love the cigarette look and feel, try a joint or a blunt. If you want to cool down the smoke — and inhale a lot of it — try a bong. If smoke isn’t your thing, vapes are a great way to inhale ground flower without combustion. The best way is your favourite way, and you’ll only find that out by experimenting.

Are Joints or Pipes Better?

That depends on what you want. Pipes will allow you to use every last bit of your weed. And you can refill them multiple times, allowing for more control. But joints are the most portable way to smoke weed, and sometimes nothing beats the feel of a burning stick between your fingers.

Do Joints Waste Weed?

Technically, yes. But technically, every time you smoke or vape weed wastes some part of it. That’s because not all of the THC is used up in that process. To truly get every bit of THC out of your weed, concentrates are the way to go.