Top-Selling Infused Joints

August 13, 2022

If you haven’t heard of pre-rolls yet, it’s only a matter of time. A pre-roll is just what it sounds like — a cannabis joint that is rolled in advance and available for purchase in the legal marketplace. Cannabis consumers appreciate pre-rolls for many reasons, not the least among them value, consistency, product quality, and convenience. Whether you can roll a good joint or not, sometimes you just can’t be bothered. And when they’re this affordable, you may as well add a few to your cart on your next cannabis delivery order

Canadian consumers are definitely here for it. According to Marijuana Business Daily, “Canadian sales of legal cannabis pre-rolls nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021, outstripping total marijuana market growth as convenience-seeking consumers increased spending on the ready-to-smoke form factor.” 

A segment of this explosive growth belongs to infused joints, cannabis flower pre-rolls with concentrate added in the form of hash, wax, distillate, kief, or even THC diamonds. This infused addition may come inside the roll, in the form of hash for example, or on the outside of the roll, with a dusting of kief or a dip in rosin, or maybe even a little bit of both. Also, FYI, infused joints generally come as a 3-pack and weigh in at .5 grams each.

a woman holding up a cannabis joint that has been dipped in oil and covered in kief
A cannabis joint dipped in concentrate and covered in kief.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If you’ve been considering trying an infused joint or are just looking to change things up, we’ve got some recommendations on our top-selling infused joints. Check them out below.

Firebird Delivery’s Top Selling Infused Pre-Rolled Joints

Grape Ape Resin Infused Pre-Rolls 

These pre-rolls from Dab Bods are filled with an indica-dominant hybrid that is resin-infused, containing THC between 40-48% and CBD between 0-3%. Stemming from Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Original Afghani, this pre-roll also contains terpenes myrcene (mango), pinene (pine), and caryophyllene (pepper). This cannabis is locally grown and has the flavour of ripe grapes, citrus, and sweet berries.

Banana Kush Infused Pre-Rolls

From the good folks at General Admission comes these indica joints of Ghost OG x Skunk Haze. Infused with their signature flavoured distillate and dusted with premium kief, these infused joints contain 30-40% THC and 0-2% CBD. True to its name, the aroma and flavor are trademark Kush with the sweetness of overly ripe bananas.

Indica 30 Infused Pre-Rolls

These infused pre-rolls from Canaca are stuffed with trichome-dense indica flower and infused with hash, coming in at 27-33% THC and 0-1.4% CBD. Consumers describe the taste and scent combination as fruity, herbal, and earthy. 

Jean Guy Hash Bats

Infused with a dash of hash, these sativa joints pack a punch. From the people at Good Supply, these pre-rolls contain 24-30% THC and 0-3% THC, plus terpenes caryophyllene (found in pepper), nerolidol (tea tree), and guaiol (a sesquiterpene suggestive of pine).

Infused joints are best for experienced consumers accustomed to higher potency cannabis. So if you are new to infused joints, remember to follow the cannabis cardinal rule: start low and go slow.