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How Much Weed Can I Have Delivered to My House Legally?

June 14, 2022

Legal weed delivery is a slice of heaven that your parent’s stoner friends could have only dreamed about back in the day, and we shouldn’t forget that. 

Now that dream is a reality, but it’s subject to rules and regulations that harsh the vibe a little bit. 

So when your favourite online weed shop, (Firebird Delivery, of course) is having a doorbuster sale on their already great member prices, go ahead and stock up. Just keep in mind that there are limits.

Read on to find out what kind of online purchase limits are in place in Canada — and how to legally and safely work within them.

How Much Weed Can I Have Delivered?

The federal limit for the amount of cannabis one person can possess in public is 30 grams of dried flower, or equivalent (see the bullet points below). 

about an ounce of cannabis overflowing on a scale
Canada’s public possession limit is 30 grams, which is just over an ounce of cannabis (28 grams).
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That’s also the limit for how much you can order online, at once, from an online retailer.

Now, that’s 30 grams per order. There’s no daily limit for how much weed you can have delivered.

The federal government has decided that one gram of dried flower is equal to: 

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1 cannabis plant seed

That means thirty grams of dried flower equals:

  • 150 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 450 grams of edible product
  • 2.1 kilograms of liquid product
  • 7.5 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 30 cannabis plant seeds

Can I Have More Than 30 Grams of Weed at Home?

Absolutely. Most provinces have no limit on how much cannabis you can have in your own home. 

British Columbia’s limit is 1 kilogram. Nunavut and Quebec both limit you to 150 grams. Every other province and territory is limitless. Just make sure it’s on your property. The reason you can only have 30 grams in public is to deter trafficking.

You can also grow up to four cannabis plants per household. That’s a federal limit that applies in all provinces — except in Manitoba and Quebec, which have banned the practice.

Is Anyone Keeping Track of How Much Weed I’m Buying?


Each licensed online retailer will limit you to 30 grams of dried flower, or the equivalent, per order, however, you are able to make multiple orders.

one person hands another person a paper baggie with a cannabis leaf on it
Although the public possession limit is 30 grams, you can have as much as you want in your home (in most provinces), and can place as many online orders of up to 30 grams per day as you would like.
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Just make sure not to buy more than 30 grams at once at a brick-and-mortar store. It’s illegal to possess more than 30 grams in public. That limit doesn’t apply if you get it delivered to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purchase Limit for Weed in Canada?

Thirty grams per order. So you can make multiple orders if you want to buy more than 30 grams. You can also buy 30 grams from one shop and 30 grams from another. No one will stop you.

How Much Weed Can I Have Delivered in One Day?

Each online cart will max out at 30 grams. Then you’ll have to place another order. There is no limit to how many orders you can place in one day.

Is it Legal to Order Weed Online?

Yes. As long as the store is licensed by your provincial government to sell weed, it’s perfectly legal.

Can Two People Order Weed to the Same House?

You bet. Each person can order up to 30 grams at once, per the legal limit. And they can both order as many times as they want per day.