What Forms of Payment are Accepted for Cannabis Delivery?

July 29, 2022

Cannabis delivery is now legal in Canada, and there’s no time like the present to partake in this fast, easy, and convenient service. Ordering cannabis online is just a little different than purchasing it in a dispensary. Much like a dispensary, you can only purchase the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis per order in cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, or other products. However, if you order online, you are allowed to place multiple purchases per day. You can also have them delivered to whatever residential address you’d like as long as you’re there to receive them with an accepted form of ID (pretty great, right?). 

As you get acquainted with ordering online, it’s important to know what forms of payment are accepted for cannabis delivery. There are a few slight differences from paying at the dispensary that you’ll want to know about before placing a cannabis delivery order. That’s why we’re here to cover just how paying for weed delivery works, and what forms of payment are accepted.

Can I Pay for Cannabis Delivery with Cash?

As much as you may love to hand over a wad of cash to the person providing your weed just like the olden times, cash is not an accepted form of payment for our delivery drivers. This is both for your convenience, and also to protect our drivers from being on the road with excess cash in their car.

woman handing a delivery man cash
Cash isn’t an option for cannabis delivery with Firebird Delivery.
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Instead of paying for your delivery on arrival, you’ll need to enter your payment info when you place your order.

Can I Pay for Cannabis Delivery with a Credit Card or Debit Card?

You certainly can! In fact, that’s the best and only way to pay for your cannabis delivery. Don’t worry, there’s no extra fee for using a credit or debit card to pay online. This is the case no matter what city or province you’re in. However, you will need to pay your provinces’ cannabis sales tax even if you’re purchasing it online, which will be included in your order total when you check out on our website. 

a woman hitting a bong while sitting on the couch
Since you already paid at the time of ordering, you get to enjoy your product as soon as it’s delivered.
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In other good news, delivery is free of charge unless you want your order to arrive within the hour. If you need to start that smoke sesh ASAP, you can pay an extra $7.99 for our rush delivery option. Otherwise we’ll provide an arrival window when you place your order, which will arrive in a couple hours as long as you place your order before 6:00pm. You’ll be able to track your order as well, so you’ll know just when to expect it. 

Can I Pay for Cannabis Delivery with Apple Pay, PayPal, or other Payment Services? 

We cannot accept any third-party payment service such as Apple Pay or PayPal. Credit cards or debit cards are the only game in town when it comes to paying for cannabis with Firebird Delivery.  

Are Any Other Forms of Payment Accepted?

As much as we would like to accept alternative forms of payment, you cannot pay for cannabis online with gold coins, pirate’s gold (Yar!), Swiss ingots, commemorative coins, bitcoins, precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, royal jewelry (inherited or procured in an elaborate heist), personal checks, traveler’s cheques, or IOUs (even if you’re good for it). At the present moment, only credit cards or debit cards are allowed for payment. But hey, in the future, who knows?

a person’s hand holds up a blue credit card, on a blue background
Currently, credit and debit cards are the only payment options for Firebird Delivery.
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So, if you’re placing your first order with Firebird Delivery, be sure to have your credit or debit card on-hand when you check out (and, don’t forget, you’ll get 20% off your first order when you join Spark Perks). Then just sit back and let your weed come to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Cash on Firebird Deliveries?

Cash is not accepted for Firebird deliveries. You’ll instead need to pay using your credit or debit card when you place your order. 

Can I Use PayPal with Firebird Delivery?

We only accept credit or debit cards for payment.