Cheapest Weed in Toronto: Our Best Deals

August 10, 2022

Low on weed? Low on funds? We’ve got you. Firebird Delivery’s got the line on the cheapest weed in Toronto that you can find. We’ve found the best cannabis deals in the city for the lowest prices and put them all together in one handy list. While this may be some of the cheapest weed in Toronto, that doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality. These buds from some of our favorite farms will still provide potent and smooth smoke full of the tasty terps. So if your bank account’s a little anemic this month, just add whichever bud looks best into your cart and we’ll be right over. Fast as F.   

Pink Kush – Pure Sunfarms – 28g

Whether or not pink is your color, this is your bud. Potent and popular, pink hairs decorate this indica-dominant strain’s minty-green nugs, which gives Pink Kush its name. Rocking an 18-23% THC content, this strain has a woodsy, floral, piney flavor profile that puts any cannabis consumer in chill mode. This cut of Pink Kush grown by Pure Sunfarms has a smooth, easy-going smoke, and you can’t beat the price, especially as a Spark Perks member. 

Regular Price: $139.99, Member Price: $103.95

Shred – Milled Flower – 7g

Ready to shred? You better be with a deal like this. Shred’s serving you up 7 grams of their quality milled flower in three tasty options, with a price as tight as a nollie heelflip. Take your pick between the hybrid Gnarberry’s ripe, fresh, and fruity berry notes, sativa-leaning Tropic Thunder’s pungent citrus sweetness and Hawaiian tropic vibes, or the indica-leaning Funk Master’s skunky, dank, and funky profile. Each type of Shred’s milled flower comes at you with a 18-24% THC content and a pretty great price to boot.

Regular Price: $27.99, Member Price: $22.95

BC God Bud- Versus – Dried Flower – 28g

Originating out of the green and rainy Pacific Northwest, this widely loved and immensely popular strain grown by Versus comes at a fantastic price. This indica-dominant cross of the super dank Hawaii and Purple Skunk strains tastes as good as it smells. A tropical, earthy aroma wafts off BC God Bud’s fiery orange hairs and frosty nugs, serving as an appetizer for the smooth smoke and herbal, musky taste. At a hefty 18-24% THC, order an ounce of this potent bud today.

Regular Price: $98.99, Member Price: $73.95

Pineapple Express – Good Supply – 510 Cartridge – 1mL

Blowing in cool and sweet from the tropics, this classic, sativa-dominant landrace strain brings those island vibes with it. Good Supply has packed all that delicious citrusy pineapple goodness into a 510 cartridge so you can bring it anywhere and enjoy it easily and discreetly. With 800 mg of THC in Pineapple Express’ 1ml cartridge, this vape cart packs a Hawaiian punch.

Regular Price: $34.99, Member Price: $26.95

Jet Fuel Gelato – Pure Sunfarms – Dried Flower – 3.5g

Buckle in, strap on your goggles, and hit the afterburners with an eighth of Pure Sunfarm’s Jet Fuel Gelato. A hybrid cross between the fist-pumping Hi-Octane and the gassy Jet Fuel gives this 50/50 hybrid a soaring flavor profile. A creamy berry and sour citrus aroma wafts off Jet Fuel Gelato’s frosty, dark olive nugs and thick yellow-orange hairs. Burn those nugs, and you’ll savor this strain’s fruity, sweet berry terpenes that finish with a sour citrus, peppery exhale. Get ready for a 22-28% THC ride at a price you won’t want to zip past.

Regular Price: $22.99, Member Price: $16.95

Jean Guy – Good Supply – pre-Roll – 1x1g

This phenotype of White Widow is all about that old-fashioned comfort like you’re slipping on your favorite piece of denim. This sativa-dominant, 1 gram pre-roll from Good Supply is filled with a lemony, piney flavor profile and boasts a 16-26% THC content. This Jean Guy joint is expertly rolled to ensure good airflow for a smooth, even-burning draw. A quality pre-roll at an unbeatable price? Sounds like a classic combination to us!

Regular Price: $8.99, Member Price: $6.95

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for the cheapest weed in Toronto, look no further. The products available on Firebird Delivery’s menu are some of the most budget-friendly cannabis options you’ll find in town. Plus, we’ll deliver them to you quick and easy as long as you order before 6pm. Or, to get your cannabis even faster, select our rush delivery option for a small fee. With all the money you’re saving, why not treat yourself? And for even more savings and deals, become a member so you can access our Spark Member Exclusives. 

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