Best Member-Priced Items in Ontario

August 8, 2022

If you’re a cannabis-fan living in Ontario, Firebird Delivery has got you covered! From cannabis flower to concentrates to edibles, Firebird Delivery has just what you need to get your party started or keep it going. Plus, we’ll deliver it right to your door, your friend’s door, or wherever you’re looking to have a good time. 

Even better, when you become a Spark Perks member, you’ll receive exclusive member discounts on products! That’s right! We’re taking a good thing, and making it even better (and cheaper). Not sure what you’re in the mood for yet? No problem! Here are some of our best member deals for Ontario

General Admission – 510 Cartridge – 0.95mL 

Nothing beats the simplicity and ease of a nice 510 vape cartridge, and we’re offering 3 strains of General Admission’s distillate vape cartridges at discounted member prices. Take your pick between three amazing strains sure to get you where you need to go. 

  • Rainbow Sherb: This 50/50 hybrid cross between the Champagne and Blackberry strains is two scoops of bright, well-balanced punch with plenty of flavor. Rainbow Sherb serves up a fruity berry flavor with a sugary exhale that includes a crisp, refreshing hint of fresh mint. A real treat, and not just for the summer heat.  
  • Strawnana Indica 1:0: This indica-dominant cross between the classic Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum is a potent mix of cherry flavors. The inhale off this tasty vape cartridge is that sweet, fruity familiarity of ripe strawberry, followed by an exhale that’s reminiscent of pink bubblegum and malty banana. Sounds like a winning combination. 
  • Pineapple Daze: Get ready for an escape from the everyday with this tropical strain. A sativa-dominant cross of Pineapple OG and Haze, this vape cartridge is full of flavor. The inhale is ripe with the zippy sweetness and citrus tang of pineapple, with an exhale that adds on a little roasted marshmallow note. As nice as a day on the beach.   


Regular Price: $38.99, Member Price: $28.95

I.C.C. – Big Bag o’ Buds – Dried Flower – 28g 

Go big or go home. Or, in this case, Go Big Bag o’ Buds, and stay home while we deliver it to you. I.C.C is offering the right amount of cannabis when just a little ain’t nearly enough. Order this 1 ounce bag of quality, dried cannabis flower when you’ve got a whole party of people coming over, or if you’re looking to tide yourself over for a while. Pack them in a bowl, roll them up into joints, or get your bong out and take a deep, bubbly rip. It’s a Big Bag o’ Buds, so you’ll have plenty to go around. Plus, you can’t beat the price!


Regular Price: $144.99, Member Price: $106.95

Funk Master J’s – Shred – Pre-Roll – 14 x 0.5g

These 14 expertly packed and rolled hybrid cannabis joints will let you light up wherever you’re looking to shred. Quality, pre-milled whole flower expertly packed and rolled with a terpene profile that’s as dank and funky as you are. Each Funk Master J by Shred boasts a potent 18-24% THC. Smooth pull, consistent flavor, and at an unbeatable price. Skip the “roll it up” and go straight to the “light it up, smoke it.”  


Regular Price: $45.99, Member Price: $33.95

Mango Sapphire Live Resin Vape Cartridge – The Wild Florist – 510 Cartridge – 0.5mL

Step up your concentrate game into the full-spectrum flavors and effects of live resin with The Wild Florist’s Mango Sapphire Live Resin Vape Cartridge. An indica-dominant cross between Bubba’s Gift x OG Kush x Afghani, this gem contains 650-750 mg of THC and the freshest flavor for the discerning cannabis consumer. 

Get ready for a mouthwatering rush of rich mango, sweet citrus, and tropical lemon with notes of earthy, herbal spice on the exhale. If you haven’t tried live resin carts before, see what everyone’s been celebrating with this precious gem of a strain at a price that’ll have your eyes sparkling. 

Regular Price: $48.99, Member Price: $28.95

Wrap Up

Looking for the best deals in Ontario on quality cannabis products? We’ve got you covered here at Firebird Delivery. These fine cannabis products are only some of the amazing member discounts and savings that you’ll find on our full menu of member deals. You’re sure to find something you’ll like at a great price, and have it delivered to you ASAP (within the hour if you choose Rush Delivery. And why not, with all the money you’re saving?)

Not a member yet? Becoming a Spark Perks member is fast and easy. Once you sign up here and fill out your information, you’ll have access to special member pricing on select products. You’ll also have access to our Spark Perks, and get exclusive discounts and front of the line info on sales and new products.  

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