7 Products You Must Try for Your Next Cannabis Delivery

July 25, 2022

With so many fantastic cannabis products on our delivery menu, it can be hard to pick which ones to add into your cannabis delivery cart. You can always go with the ones you’ve tried before, but fortune favours the bold as they say. Out of all our products that can be delivered, including edibles, concentrates, cannabis flower, infused beverages, topicals, accessories, and more, you may just find a new favourite!  

If you’re wondering which items on the menu to choose to get your party started, here are 7 products that you must try for your next cannabis delivery order!

Organic Afghan Black Hash by Highly Dutch 

If you’re a fan of concentrates or a fan of cannabis flower, you’re gonna want to order this brick of all-natural hashish made in the original style in your next cannabis delivery order. More potent than flower but just as flavorful, you can dab it with your rig, smoke it in a bowl with a mesh screen, or add a little into your joint or bowl for an extra kick.   

Price: $27.99 (or become a member and save $4.04!)

Freshly Minted Sativa Lozenges by Edison Jolts

Pop in one of these sweet, minty edibles and enjoy the brisk, refreshing burst. Each lozenge contains a potent 10 mg of THC and sativa terpenes. These lozenges are for edibles fans who enjoy a little extra oomph in their day. Add these into your next cannabis delivery order and savor these lozenges’ minty freshness as you head out to the gym, play sports, gather with friends, spend a day in the great outdoors, or dance at your favourite concerts or festivals.  

Price: $18.99

4 Piece Grinder by Friendly Stranger

Any flower fan needs a good grinder to ensure an even, smooth and clean toke. If you’re lacking one, or yours is so gunked up it won’t twist smoothly anymore, this 4 piece grinder belongs in your next cannabis delivery order. A 1.5 inch diameter means you can take this grinder on the go. It’s light, compact, inexpensive, and comes with its own pollen collector tool for when you want to kick your bowls up a notch. 

Price: $9.95

232 Series Live Rosin Jam by Kolab Project

This is a live rosin for only the most taste-conscious concentrate fans. Be sure to enjoy this concentrate with a low temperature, when dabbing, so that you can savour one of the gassiest, fruitiest hits you’ll ever try. This live rosin provides a smooth inhale and exhale from start to finish with the purest notes of mango citrus and overtones of grape and berry. Live rosin is one of the most full-bodied concentrates, and Kolab’s live rosin definitely belongs on your cannabis delivery order. 

Price: $55.99

Jet Fuel Gelato by Pure Sun Farms

If you’re a flower fan, you’re going to want some of this tasty strain included in your next cannabis delivery order. Jet Fuel Gelato’s forest-green nugs are coated with a frosty layer of trichomes that give the strain a fruity berry aromatic notes with a slightly peppery, sour citrus exhale. Enjoy this strain as you work on a creative project or spark up some conversation with friends at a party. 

Price: $22.99 for an eighth (Save $6.04 with Membership!)

Mango Pineapple Soft Drink by XMG

Not all edibles have to be chewed. This infused soft drink has a sweet tropical flavour perfect for any gathering where the weather’s warm and you’re looking to have some fun in the sun.

Price:  $7.00 (Save $2.05 with Membership!)

Purple Monkey 510 Cartridge by Good Supply

This cartridge’s purple goodness and smooth inhale make it go down easy. It’s a take-anywhere, enjoy-anywhere type of product that you should consider for your next cannabis delivery order. Purple Monkey pairs well with laying out in the sunshine, out with friends, a quiet evening, or if you just want to take the edge off the day. 

Price: $50.99 (Save $24.04 with Spark Perks Membership!)

Wrap Up

Everyone’s got different tastes and the only one who knows if a product is right for you is you. If you have some old favourites that get you where you want to be every time, click them into your cart and we’ll see you soon. But if you’ve been scrolling through our menu like it’s Netflix and just can’t decide on the right product for your next cannabis delivery order, why not give one of the products from our list a try? Who knows? You might just discover a new favourite. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Expect a Cannabis Delivery to Take?

When you order with Firebird delivery, you can expect to receive your order on the same day, as long as you place the order before 6pm. Generally, it takes a couple of hours depending on how many orders our drivers are fulfilling that day. You can also have your order within the hour if you choose rush delivery

What are the Best Products to get Delivered?

The sky’s the limit! Flower, edibles, infused beverages, concentrates, topicals, accessories, and more are all available for delivery. The list above is a great starting point! 

What do I Need to Sign for Cannabis Delivery?

You’ll need to sign your delivery driver’s screen to confirm that you received the delivery. You’ll also need to have a form of ID on hand.