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The 10 Best Weed Strains in Canada According to Data

April 22, 2022

In the age of legalisation, the deep cannabis culture of the Great White North has created its own crop of megastar strains, and thanks to insight from Hifyre IQ analytics, we’re able to see which strains hold the top ranks among the best of the best.

Below we’ve gathered the highest selling strains in Canada with a little bit of explanation about what makes them so great. Due to regional variances, we’ve listed them in no particular order. However, if you really want to know the top pick, Pink Kush is far out in the lead across all markets to win the superlative for “Most Popular.” Read on to see which strains Canadians are clamouring for.

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Pink Kush

Based on how well it outsells other strains, Pink Kush could make a decent claim at being the most popular strain in all of Canada at the moment, and it’s all thanks to some truly amazing effects. A deep indica with a tendency to bring out the giggles, this strain is somehow able to make you feel both heavy and light at the same time, all while being thoroughly stoned.

A nug of Pink Kush cannabis strain
Pink kush might be the most popular strain in all of Canada based on Hifyre IQ data. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Pink Kush is backed by delicious floral, vanilla and berry notes. Great for social settings or for consuming solo, it’s easy to see why this strain sits at the top. Pink Kush is a reliable good time. You know how your favourite joke never fails to crack you up no matter how many times you tell it? That’s Pink Kush.

Wedding Cake

Everyone is celebrating with Wedding Cake. This strain is finding its way into countless crosses these days, and that’s because people love its potent combination of pleasant effects. A 60-40 indica leaning hybrid, Wedding Cake is well known for helping you find that perfect level of zoned-out regardless of the occasion without fully feeling lost or spacey. It’s great for anything observational, from watching a summer blockbuster to an evening at the ballet.

Jean Guy

Jean Guy’s claim to fame is that it was the first strain to be featured in the New York Times, according to breeder House of the Green Gardener. This Canadian sativa has haze and skunk-like properties, meaning it has a powerful, scattered uplift that can get you moving for the day. Don’t expect much focus, as this one can be a bit hard to steer, but don’t worry either, Jean Guy came to party. An outgoing strain, Jean Guy is popular among consumers for its cerebral uplift. Great for adventure-filled days or dance party nights, this strain is meant for a good time.

Tropic Thunder

This sativa carries genetics from the famous Maui Wowie line, bringing with it the floaty, clear-headed uplift that its family is known for. However, despite the thunderous name, Tropic Thunder isn’t a racy sativa. Its effects more closely replicate the “tropic” part of its title, bringing on a smooth and balanced high throughout, perfect for a day at the beach. The strains popularity likely stems from its ease of use. It’s known for offering a nice body high without feeling heavy. A balanced strain, this one is an easy favourite of new consumers.

White Widow

White Widow has been winning awards since the 90s, so when we describe this one as legendary, we mean it. In a landscape riddled with new kids on the block this web-spinner has a firmly cemented place at the top and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

A nug of Pink Kush weed strain
White Widow’s effects make it a definite favourite in Canada. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A surging sativa, White Widow’s effects offer a focused high throughout the day (though it might take a little while to adjust). The flavours aren’t as much at the forefront here (it features a classic earthy profile without any other bells or whistles), but you’ll probably be too blissful to notice.

GMO Cookies

GMO genetics have been hogging the spotlight recently among hash-heads and connoisseurs, and with good reason. Unique aromas and potent effects make GMO strains sought after by those who know their stuff, and feel comfortable stepping outside of familiar cannabis realms. GMO Cookies is often referred to as Garlic Cookies thanks to a signature earthy, umami note of garlic that is rarely found in other genetics. The permeating garlic scent has a complex interplay with numerous other notes ranging from spicy to funky, with almost sour-dough like tang peppered throughout. It’s like the scent of a good Italian restaurant, with everything mixing together as it wafts from the kitchen.

The strain’s effects offer a similar complex journey of early cerebral soaring that gives way to a deep body melt. GMO Cookies’ popularity is thanks to this strange and intriguing complexity, coupled with a scent you’ll find nowhere else.

BC God Bud

God Bud has garnered numerous awards over the years, allowing it to comfortably hold its deity status. Though it has hybrid genetics, the effect profile of this Canadian classic is straight indica. Consumers appreciate its sweet flavour notes, which are a blend of floral and citrus. If you’re looking to be firmly planted on your couch (or more likely, your bed) in the most pleasant of ways, you can count on the heavenly high of God Bud to get you there.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Much like chocolate and peanut butter, or ice cream and cake, cannabis breeders love to go with the classic strategy of “let’s throw two good things together and see what happens” — typically to great success. Jet Fuel Gelato is no exception. The cross of Jet Fuel and Gelato allows for each strain to bring their best qualities to the table.

It’s a hybrid that hits all of your senses with intensity while still avoiding couch-lock. More popular among seasoned cannabis consumers, this is one to look for if you’re seeking to be thoroughly altered, but newcomers might want to go slow and low.

Wedding Pie

As mentioned, Wedding Cake is another Girl Scout Cookies descendant that’s making its way into all the hype crosses these days, and much like its famous parentage, it tends to play well with others. The Wedding Pie variation introduces Grape Pie into the mix (bringing with it the signature heavy kick of its Grape Stomper roots), making for a potent mix of hazy relaxation. While it has all the heft of a serious indica, this strain’s high has a nice mental buzz to kick things off before it winds you down, making it great for afternoon or evening consumption.

A nug of Wedding Pie marijuana strain
Wedding Pie is a perfect strain to consume when you’re looking for relaxation. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Cannabis fans are drawn to Wedding Pie for when there’s nothing cluttering up their To-Do list. It’s ideal for getting ready to settle in for a comfortable, low-key evening.

Cold Creek Kush

Closing out the list, this hybrid hails from the Netherlands, and brings with it the satisfaction of a well-balanced indica. While it’s known for its signature deep body high, Cold Creek Kush is an indica that can be consumed any time of the day (though the very tail end might have you looking for a nap). A warm, functional indica can be a rarity these days, making this one easy to reach for whenever you find it.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock